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We select highly liquid and unique investment properties from the pre-sale stage meeting your requirements and budget

Profits from buying of an entire floor



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Investment real estate in the UAE and Dubai

No commission for the investor

Real estate for obtaining a golden visa for 10 years

highly liquid investments

apartments and villas from top developers

It’s not necessary to come to the UAE for making a deal


the average period from entering to profit taking



installments for up to 5 years


Tax on the sale

permission to conduct business

Investment-attractive properties are sold from 2 hours to 1 month

We assist with obtaining a residence and bank account opening

the minimum threshold for entry into the Property Market — from 24% of the property cost

investment into the project

market comparison

Dubai vs. Moscow and Soch

We’ve compare both markets for investing. The price of m² in Dubai is lower than the price in Moscow or Sochi

It’s opened to investors from all over the world

Tax on the sale — 0%

Rental income tax — 0%

Exclusive real estate is sold from 2 hours to 1 month

0% installments for up to 5 years

Mortgage 2% per annum

It’s mostly opened to Russian investors

Tax on the sale — 13−15%

Rental income tax — 13−15%

Exclusive real estate is sold within 1−2 years

0% installments for up to 2 years

Mortgage from 10% per annum


The UAE and Dubai

stages of real estate deals

We work from

Pre-sale is the best time to enter the project, because prices are 5-10% lower than the official price at the start of sales

The risk is low, as the investments are short-term and secured by real estate

The sale is possible just 30 days after 30% payment and recieving the documents


options of a transaction

collective investing in the purchase of an entire floor

Several investors at once can purchase an entire floor on special terms


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1 bedroom - 585.831$
2 bedrooms - 809.264$

Price in May 2022:

1 bedroom - 547.684$
2 bedrooms - 698.910$

Price in January 2022:

1 bedroom - 19,9%
2 bedrooms - 45,11%

3 months income:

St. Regis

1 bedroom - 191.689$
2 bedrooms - 244.619$

Has been invested:


min profit for 6 months in 2022 - 19,9%

min profit for 2 months in 2022 - 186, 85%


Has been invested:

1 bedroom - 152.875$
2 bedrooms - 212.766$
3 bedrooms - 380.899$

Safa one

3 months income:

1 bedroom - 237,59%
2 bedrooms - 278,29%
3 bedrooms - 186,85%

Price in March 2022:

1 bedroom - 436.785$
2 bedrooms - 607.902$
3 bedrooms - 1.088.283$

Price in May 2022:

1 bedroom - 800.000$
2 bedrooms - 1.200.000$
3 bedrooms - 1.800.000$


Price in May 2022:


Price in January 2022:


6 months income:

Cavalli tower


Has been invested:


profit for 6 months in 2022 - 163,11%

1 bedroom - 360.000$
2 bedrooms - 400.000$

Price in May 2022:

1 bedroom - 280.000$
2 bedrooms - 320.000$

Price in February 2022:

1 bedroom - 81,63%
2 bedrooms - 71,43%

3 months income:


1 bedroom - 98.000$
2 bedrooms - 112.000$

Has been invested:


min profit for 3 months in 2022 - 71,43%

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stages of cooperation

We search property by designated parameters


After studying the options, we agree on a possible discount with the developer for the purchase on the most favorable terms

We will find the most favorable purchase terms


We support the transaction and take care of all documents and financials

We will take care of All documents


After the price rises, we find a buyer and support the transaction with fixing the profits

We will sell and fix the profits

от 202 000 $
Сумма инвестиций:
25% годовых / 7 месяцев

Sales of residential, commercial, office real estate, and land in Dubai in 2022 grew steadily from quarter to quarter. And by October the number of transactions exceeded last year's total by 77%

ARTICLE FROM 17.11.2022

The demand for real estate in Dubai is

breaking records

  • — Capital growth in Dubai is about 30%

Nina Suvorova

co-founder RELLA

our brokers in Dubai

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We build long-term relationships not only with investors but also with brokers

co-founder RELLA

Focusing on prime properties — 5 years
the volume of closed deals is more than ₽ 4 billion

Languages: Russian, English

Nina Suvorova

a certified broker

Focusing on prime properties — 5 years
The volume of closed deals is more than ₽ 2 billion

Languages: Russian, English

Anastasia Kapchenova

a certified broker

Focusing on prime properties — 7 months
the volume of closed deals is more than ₽ 500 million

Languages: Russian, English

Ilona Konovalova

co-founder RELLA

The volume of closed deals is more than ₽ 1 billion. Co-founder of 80+ visa centers, United passport residence permit and citizenship by investment, travel tech startup and performance marketing agency

Nail Gafurov